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5 Best Indian Golf Courses

To be the best, you must be willing to take up the biggest challenges in your field. As such, it should be the goal for every golf enthusiast to play on revered courses, thus honing their skills and unleashing the professional golfer from within. For access to quality fields, India ranks among the top destinations.

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With golf in India dating back to the late 1820s, it has gained a steady increase in popularity over the decades. While India is famed for its architectural structures and diversity, the golfing arena in India depicts not only quality but also quality history just like the best Algarve golf course in Portugal.

A testament to the quality of golf course in India, the country is the host to Asian PGA tours, which ranks among the most competitive events in golf. As such, India proves a quality destination for a sports vacation as it allows you to perfect your shots on golf courses designed by legends of the sport.

#1. DLF Golf and Country Club


Located in DLF5, Gurgaon, the DLF golf and country club rank among the older golf courses in India dating back to 1999. Infusing majestic scenery and landscape bearing some of the most challenging hazards, the DLF golf course is among the best courses to put your golfing skills to test.

Designed by Arnold Palmer, the golf course is not only among the best in the world but also the most challenging. Even better, this golf course offers a wide range of amenities and sports ranging from tennis, squash, swimming, aerobics to a gymnasium thus an ideal solution for a sports family vacation.

Besides bringing a state-of-the-art golf facility to life, DLF has earned a broad fan base for golf, thus a reason for the flourishing of the sport in India.

#2. Delhi Golf Course (Lodhi)


While many golf courses pride themselves in their rich histories, few can rival the Lodhi. Besides bearing the relics of mighty empires, this golf course is bound to torment your every shot as it features the most challenging hazards the sport has to offer.

Courtesy of Sir Edwin, the New Delhi course ranks among the pioneer golf courses in Delhi, which have withstood various tests of time and towered over their counterparts. Located on 180 acres of land, the Lodhi ranks among the top tourist destinations in India comprising of an 18-hole course, which is a popular host to the Asian PGA tour.

#3. Royal springs golf course


This 18-hole golf course is yet another marvel in the golfing arena, which infuses nature with the backdrop of a mountain to bring about the most significant challenge a golfer has to face. Having been established by the state government in 1987, the royal springs resort has risen in popularity and developed hence ranking among the top golf arenas in India.

Among the striking features of this golf, resorts include its 225 meters’ length, three lakes, two marshes, a clubhouse, an underground sprinkler, and a long cart path exceeding eight kilometers. Since it overlooks the legendary garden, it proves an ideal getaway resort for those looking to get their minds off the everyday office work and refocus their energy.

#4. Indian Ridge Country Club


When it comes to luxurious golfing resorts in desert regions, the Indian ridge country club ranks among the few options at your disposal. Designed by Arnold Palmer, the course boasts of two classic eighteen-hole courses that boast of majestic architecture and a breathtaking background of the Santa Rosa and Chocolate mountains.

Besides being a king in golf, the Indian ridge is known for its quality tennis facility, which includes 12 state-of-the-art courts and two clay courts; the ridge offers you a diverse arena of sports, thus proving an ideal destination for a group with interests laying in either field.

#5. Oxford Golf and country club


The oxford golf and country club is yet another excellent golf course that India has to offer. Owing to its fantastic layout, which is carved out in a bowl with Sahyadri surrounding it, Pune is a shining example of Phil Ryan’s maestro design at play.

With perfect maintenance of its greenery and hazards, this golf course has been rated by players worldwide as one of the best in the world and family friendliest golfing vacation destinations. To offer a variety of activities for a family to engage in, the golf club provides pristine tennis courts, a pool, and state-of-the-art restaurants that provide for a quality vacation.

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