Is Ignoring a Woman the Best Way to Attract Her?

I remember, back in the day, I liked one boy. We just talked from time to time, nothing more. And so, in order to somehow draw attention to myself, I took the habit of walking the dog in front of his apartment. And it was quite far my place. But, I stubbornly walked my dog in front of his house. Sometimes we met, talked to each other. And then he took a liking to me. And it was his turn to run after me.

But he, unlike me, did not begin to walk his dog in front of my house, although he had a dog. He just met me once and told me everything about his feelings. What about me? Did I rejoice? Nope. I was upset and began to avoid him. The goal was achieved quickly, and the struggle lost all meaning to me.

It turns out that the hunting instinct is developed not only in men. The guy should not rush to show his affection to the girl, this is a fact. Women are moody, and from the words “where are you?” To “we are done!” there can be one only one call or a bad conversation. There are so many men that do not understand the logic behind the things that women reject in romantic relationships. A woman falls in love with your cool personality, you give her all of your attention and love, and she runs away from you. This is the nature of the gender conflict, which, probably, will never be resolved.

But, let’s move on. Over time, a woman learns to distinguish who is in front of her, a boy or a man. And, by the age of 35, the weapons of attracting a woman change drastically. A woman prefers not to waste time on the games of the mind, they are uninteresting to her. An emotionally mature person is in no hurry to like someone, her own spiritual comfort comes to the fore, she begins to think about who she likes first of all.

Contrary to popular belief that a woman loves with her ears, the majority of young women who know their own worth will not be seduced by anyone. They are drawn to those men who do not shine in eloquence. These are men of actions, not words.

A friend of mine did not pamper me with attention, he was always busy. I was hungry for information, considered myself abandoned, resented of him. At first …

Everything developed in an amazing way: we did not see each other very often, but as soon as I needed some help or advice, this person came out of nowhere and, as a magician, and solved all my problems. All that was needed was a clear request for help. And I realized that this is how character is manifested – a real, masculine one, which incredibly combines the desire to care and the thirst for freedom. A real man does not talk about problems, he solves them. He does not need the help of a woman.

He talked to me about some daily routine of his, the things he does, but he never talked about major problems, there were never any talks about the meaning of life and being, nagging, complaints, pain, resentment, and stull like that. He coped with these things by himself. I tried to do the same to the best of my ability. We simply respected each other and cherished as best we could. Calm trust turned out to be much more important than all the discussion in the world.

But this is not the end of the transformation of the female perception of men. With experience, a woman does not just become selective, she already clearly understands not only who is in front of her, but also what made him what he is. Indeed, at times it’s enough to look at the boy to understand what type of a man will he grow up to be. And only a small part of women, especially emotional ones, stuck in their youth, are still being attracted to men of emotions, those that do talk about their issues.

The bottom line is that if you want to not make a man out of a boy, do everything for him, cherish him, protect him everything there is, pity him, take on all the hard work, nurture his vanity, hurry to do everything he desires, apologize, justify, and protect him, even when he doesn’t deserve all of that attention.

By then, he will be completely unable to do anything by himself, but he confesses his love to you because he is simply unable to live without you. But if, despite all your efforts, there is still a real man inside his soul – he will run away from you and find a woman that won’t choke him with her attention and love.

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